Humanity is being compromised by inactivity


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

It seems that most attention is focused on what I do and not why I do it.  The main object of what I do is not only to have a beach body but also to draw attention to the fact that huge numbers of humans are destroying their brains and mental capacity.

There was recently a supplement in the Economist on Obesity. There is now a briefing on “Innovation Pessimism”. To summarise; Innovation and new technology have stopped driving growth! While the Economist seems to think that red tape is a culprit, in my mind the cause could be inactivity – this is a subject that no-one seems to have touched upon.

We know that physical activity has a direct impact on the brain; we know that inactivity has increased so much that it is now the 4th major cause of death; we know that in 1950, the average R&D worker in the US contributed almost 7 times more ‘total factor productivity” than in 2000 and, we know that in 1970 real output per person increased 3% per year whereas in 2000 the increase was less than 1%.

Our whole capacity to solve the huge problems that face humanity are being compromised by inactivity which affects the brain.  Slowly, more attention in the media is being given to the enormous future health costs. But almost nobody points out that we could prevent disaster just by small changes in life style

Quoting the Financial Times, Jan 22nd 2013 page 7, re America’s debt dilemma: “It is in the 2020s when the big spending will start. The baby boomers into their 70s will start getting sick….  The revenue and spending paths will become irreconcilable. Debt will pile up – and quickly”

“Fitch, the ratings agency, has served notice to many countries that an aging population threatens their credit rating.”  (Economist Vol. 406 No. 8823 Feb 16-22 2013 p.22 ).  My questions are simple;

  • Does nobody care about making older people healthier and economically productive?
  • Or turning them into a positive economic factor?

At present, old people burden the health system and in doing so, they not only cause huge costs but are also responsible for lower credit ratings!

In the UK, in the space of 10 years from 2001-2 to 2011-2, health costs have more than doubled from £59.8 billion to £121.4 billion (Economist Vol. 406 Nr.8826). The aged are probably the main cause of the enormous £60 billion increase,- and the number of the aged is continuously increasing.

Humanity is faced with huge problems that can only be solved by healthy brains in healthy bodies. Yet we are destroying our health with our lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise. We all can and must take more responsibility for the health of our own bodies and minds and thus humanity.


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